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A ​Beginner's Motorcycle Suspension Guide

Motorcycle suspension, much like a motorcycle engine, consists of a number of moving parts. As you could imagine, the frequent movement of the parts can end up causing a lot of friction, resulting in inevitable wear and tear (as well as contamination). If left untouched, these issues can lead to the deterioration of lubricating properties and a reduction in the life of your suspension. It is important to note that no moving part can last forever, which is why it’s important to ensure your suspension is regularly serviced. ..

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What Are the Symptoms of Worn Shock Absorbers?

The shock absorbers on your motorcycle play a pivotal role in terms of the stability and control of your ride. As well as keeping your tires firmly on the ground, shock absorbers are responsible for the control and movement of the springs and suspension of your bike.

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How to Get the Most out of Your Motorcycle Suspension

Straight from the factory, motorcycle suspension is set up to a fixed standard – meaning if you, or your ride style, differ from factory settings, your suspension could be wrong straight off the bat. But with a couple of adjustments, you can be riding happy with a suspension that gets the most out of your motorcycle. Below, we’ve outlined what adjustments to consider and why. ..

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Is Electric the Future of Motorcycling?

It was 1890 when the first patent for an electric bike was issued and we’ve seen many variations of the model since then. But could 2019 be the year when electric motorcycles really take off? ..

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