Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Bike in Top Shape


Here at MH Suspension, we pride ourselves on high-quality, reliable, and thorough motorcycle maintenance. As fellow motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, we care greatly about our field and those within it, which is why we’ve compiled a list of our top tips to keep your bike in shape.


How often do you check your motorcycle suspension? If you’re scratching your head wondering when that last was, it’s probably time you take a look. 

Checking your suspension between services to make sure everything is working properly. Our purpose-built workshop accommodates the highest standard of servicing for all major brands of motorcycle suspension. Motorcycle Suspension needs to be checked and serviced regularly by a specialist mechanic. 

Check wheel alignment and pressure

When was the last time you checked both your wheel alignment and pressure?

Alignment helps to reduce tyre wear and the pressure allows a better grip. Both of these checks make sure you don’t have any issues out and about especially during the winter months. It also keeps yourself and other road users safe whilst out in difficult conditions.

Check fuel filter

Commonly missed, but incredibly important, check your fuel filter. Make sure it is clear and clean. You should also see if there has been any damage as if there is, you should get it repaired as soon as possible.

Clean/Change the air filter

If you do not regularly clean or check your air filter, it can become a bigger problem later on so make sure you either check or change the filter in time between services.

An air filter can be reused therefore saving you money on buying a new one every time it needs to be cleaned. If you like hearing your bike, cleaning the air filter will give your bike a little more sound as well.

Brake check

Probably the most important tip and not to be skipped over. Have you been hearing a grinding sound while driving?

This may mean your brake pads are in need of replacing. Make sure to check your brakes every few weeks. If your brakes are in need of replacing, our team of specialists are on hand.

Check oil

Make sure that your oil is at the right level to keep your engine running properly. Make sure to oil your chain and brakes as well to avoid bigger problems later on.

Without checking your oil, you risk permanent damage to your motorcycle such as engine failure which may result in being abandoned on your journey in difficult conditions.


If your motorcycle has any of the issues that we have mentioned above, you should get in touch with MH Suspension today.

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