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Why book a motorcycle suspension service?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Motorcycle suspension, like your engine, consists of a number of metal components moving together. This movement causes friction resulting in contamination of suspension oil, which in turn, leads to the deterioration of lubricating properties and a reduction in the life of the suspension. Although lubrication is essential to the long life of motorcycle suspension, no moving component can last forever, which is why it’s important to ensure your motorcycle suspension is serviced regularly.

A regular motorcycle suspension service will usually involve ensuring correct operation of the suspension and changing the suspension oil. However, a motorcycle suspension service is far more detailed and is devised to ensure your motorcycle suspension is performing like new.

Motorcycle suspension rebuild service

The best way to confirm your suspension is in perfect condition is to remove and rebuild it. When removed, the suspension can be fully stripped of any dirt, then rebuilt with new seals and O-rings. A full rebuild allows for comprehensive examination of the suspension for any excessive wear or damage. Following this, the servicing technician can advise on replacement of suspension components if necessary.

Motorcycle suspension revalve service

A motorcycle suspension revalve service will typically involve the same level of detail as a rebuild service, but the servicing technician will adjust valving to be tailored to the rider weight, level and riding discipline. For example, a heavy, tall rider on a superbike will require a different valve setting to a light, short rider on a dirt bike.

How can MH Racing help?

To assure you get the best out of your bike, it needs to be set up appropriately. This means using quality brands, such as Ohlins, and maintaining suspension by keeping it clean and well lubricated. MH Racing offer both of the service types listed, as well as a road and track set up service, plus event and track support for the keener riders out there.

For motorcycle suspension, look no further than MH Suspension. Our workshop is fully equipped for suspension rebuilds, revalving and installation. Contact us on 01249 721001 or email mail@mhracing.com to find out how we can help.  

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