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New Quad Bike, First Ride and 10 Fresh Tips from Leading Suspension Specialists

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

That is what you want after purchasing a Quad Bike. To ensure your Quad Bike's longevity and its ability to endure all the rides that you have planned, we offer top advice that will make sure you get the performance you hoped for.

So, you've read through the manual and you’ve become familiar with the functionalities. However, before you head off, we've devised a list of 10 precautions that you should be aware of and check before you put your Quad Bike into gear.

  • Engine failures are common, and can destroy your engine.Your engine is at risk if the oil or coolant are low. Check that these are at the proper level, and make sure to maintain this to keep your Quad Bike's engine healthy and lasting longer.
  • Where will you be riding? For your Quad Bike to withstand rough terrain and to stay safe, tighten the lug nuts. It’s easy. This simple maintenance check will also keep your Quad in a better condition for longer.
  • Adjust your Quad Bike to fit you. If you find yourself overreaching for the handlebars, or your grip feels unnatural, change it. Equally you can loosen the brake and clutch leavers and match them to the angle of your arms. The better the position, the better your control.
  • Foot Shifters are set to a generic position at purchase and can be altered to suit you. Enjoy riding; don’t concentrate on the annoyance of something you could have altered.
  • Feel the pressure. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is vital, especially making sure that both the left and right are as inflated as each other. If under inflated, you’re not only increasing the risk of damage to the tyres, but the Quad Bike will pull to one side and be harder to control, which will put yourself in risk of danger.
  • Purchasing a new Quad, the engines filter may be completely dry. If not greased, the filter will suck in water, dirt and debris, which will ultimately cause your motor to break down. To keep your motor functioning at optimum capacity, generously grease the portion of the filter that comes into contact with the air box. Also, applying filter oil will prevent fine debris from passing through.
  • Check and keep checking- Swingarm Bolt and Axle Nut. Both have a knack for working their way loose, and it is incredibly unsafe to ride if these remain unchecked. Remember to give your Quad Bike a once over each time before you ride. When inspecting the axle, a good way to check is to grab the tyre either side and rock it. There should be no movement when you do this.
  • Protect your ride. If it’s wet, help your Quad to repel the water by applying dielectric grease to all electrical connections. The underside of the Quad can easily be forgotten about. You can purchase protective materials that will protect underneath to prevent cuts and tears.
  • Where will you be riding? Think about that as well as the possibility of breaking down. If you’re going to be some distance from any assistance, make sure your you're carrying a toolkit. Your Quad will have come with one, but you might want to include a few extras for example a spark plug, wire, tape and possibly a towrope.
  • Remember, Quads are different from one another. Some ATV’s have linked brakes while some have separate brakes for the front and rear. Other features that will vary are the clutch, chain, the locations of controls and many more. So we emphasize- know your quad, maintain control and have fun.

Make sure your Quad Bike is routinely maintained and serviced. Our extensive workshop is fully equipped with specialist tools from leading brands, allowing us to rebuild and service your Quad Bike's suspension units if you do not have the equipment or the time yourself. Bring your Quad Bike to our workshop, and we will service your suspension units for you. With over 20 years experience in the motor and motorcycle industry, rest assured that we will look after and service your bike with the upmost care. Contact us if you require more information, have any questions or want to know workshop costs.

Additionally, you can browse through our large inventory of suspension products, parts and pairs if you are able to service your Quad Bike yourself.

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