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How our motorcycle suspension set up can make your ride better

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

When you buy a new bike it will come straight from the factory with the suspension already set up. They will have set it to a ‘one fits all’ setting which means it won’t be bespoke to your style of riding. There are ways to get your motorcycle suspension performing better, resulting in an overall better quality of ride.

Having your motorcycle suspension set up by a specialist like ourselves will mean that your suspension performs its best. We’ll take into account a number of factors including your weight, ride style and track.

Our ride-in ride-out motorcycle suspension set up

One of the many motorbike services that we offer is our ride-in ride-out set up. Suited for all road and track bikes we will set all of the damping adjustments and set up and adjust the front and rear sag. If necessary, we’ll also check and adjust tyre pressures and change.
All the above for just £40+vat

What our customers say

Andy Kingshott

Rating 5*

Review posted on Google, April 30, 2016

Popped in for a suspension setup on my GSXR. Mark, just on bouncing the bike, made some adjustments both with me on and off the bike. The test ride felt so much more controlled and confident into the corners. Fab service and very confident in the way Mark quickly identified the imbalance and fine adjustments to suit me. Professional and honest. Will be coming back in the future.

Chris Searle

Rating 5*

Review posted on Google, June 6, 2016

Wow!!! What a transformation!!! (2015 Yamaha R1) Mark, it was a pleasure to meet you today and partake in your "Ride in, Ride out" Motorbike suspension set up service. You said "It will be like riding a different bike" and I can't believe how much more compliant the bike was out on the road. I highly recommend anybody (riding any motorcycle!) to get your bikes suspension set up properly for the road (or track) I found out that the factory can only dial in a "suit all" setting which really will just be an average setting, or as I found out the Yamaha setting is "just set it to ROCK HARD!!" 

If you think your bike suspension could be better, then get in touch today and book a ride-in ride-out set up.

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