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3 reasons to choose Ohlins suspension

Friday, March 16, 2018

Swedish manufacturer Ohlins pride themselves on producing high quality, advanced motorcycle suspension for a number of different applications, including road and track use. Founded by Kenth Ohlin, the company started its journey in 1976 and today has over 320 employees across the globe with distribution networks across 50 countries, but what is it that makes Ohlins motorcycle suspension special?

  1. Ohlins have a specialised research and development division that are dedicated to improving products and staying ahead of the curve. This makes them a solid choice for a number of race teams which require the latest and greatest technology to give them a competitive edge on the track. Furthermore, away from the track, Ohlins have developed an adaptive suspension system called Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension CES which is employed by several car manufacturers for road use.They’re dedicated to research and development
  1. They’re renowned for their quality

Although Ohlins suspension is known for having a place at the expensive end of the market, there’s no denying the quality of the end product. Ohlins use almost 200 specialised suppliers, of which 80 are based in Sweden, meaning they can focus on producing the best motorcycle suspension parts possible in a timely, efficient and process driven manner. Their quality extends to their service too, whether you’re a race team or just a motorcycle enthusiast, Ohlins provide unparalleled support in their industry.

  1. They have a close relationship with vehicle manufacturers

The relationship between Ohlins and their OEM customers enables the company to take part in the technical evolution of vehicles. This means they’re able to grow their technology at the same pace as the motor industry by inputting on production processes from the outset, giving them a tremendous advantage over their competitors.

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